She was Miss Vietnam 2017, a top 5 finalist in the Miss Universe 2018 contest, and Missology Timeless Beauty 2018. That should be enough to describe the head-spinning success of this glamorous... [ more... ]
To date, Le Bich has already hoarded a sizable collection and held five personal exhibitions, all on the theme of heritage, [ more... ]
About Hanoi, artist Le Thiet Cuong wrote, ‘Alleys are the roots and streets are the tree tops.’ The more I thought about it the deeper I felt it. The city used to be attached to the village. [ more... ]
Crowds of ethnic people in colorful traditional outfits conduct trading of hand woven brocades, cows, pigs, chickens, ducks, forest bamboo shoots and vegetables. [ more... ]
Vietnam Communist Party’s former General Secretary Do Muoi passed away on 1 October at the age of 101. According to the National Commission of Health Services for Senior Officials, [ more... ]
On 21 September, residents throughout the country had a shocking day as the news that President Tran Dai Quang passed away at the age of 62 was broadcast on air and online newswires. [ more... ]
Thirteen-year-old Bao Tram had her first chance to talk to foreign visitors, thanks to a tour she took in June.... [ more... ]
Just ask anybody what the most unique and typical features of Hanoi are, and they invariably talk not about grand, splendid things, but about the old, [ more... ]
In the cold of pre-New Year Da Lat, when things seem to move faster to complete the yearly cycle and enter the joyous period of New Year celebrations, [ more... ]
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