The era of Middle Prosperity of Le boasted having the most bizarre king in our history, King Le Than Tong. He was born in 1607, in the two-century-long period of power sharing between the Le and Trinh families. [ more... ]
The opening of the exhibition titled “Ocean’s secrets from ancient wrecks” was held at the National Museum of History no. [ more... ]
Nostalgia of the Era of Subsidized Economy is a collection of idioms, proverbs, common sayings, [ more... ]
In February 1943 at the Meeting of the standing committee of the Indochinese Communist Party’s Central Committee, [ more... ]
After over a century of the formation and development of its archaeology, Vietnam is currently the only country in Southeast Asia that has conducted numerous excavations that have resulted in big collections, [ more... ]
Vinh Moc tunnels in Vinh Moc Village, Vinh Thach Commune, Vinh Linh District of Quang Tri Province have long been unforgettable names on the country’s map of historical places. [ more... ]
Growing up, I was enlightened by one thing: My mother was a lover of beauty, with high self-esteem. Under any circumstance, [ more... ]
That 5,000m2 islet, named Hon Ba, is part of the Rear Bay of Vung Tau City, Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province. The city is about 120km to the east of Ho Chi Minh City. [ more... ]
Living in the rain forests of Southeast Asia, Vietnamese are well-connected to the botanical world. Evolving out of the Stone Age, perhaps to the ancient Viet people, [ more... ]
Way back in 2011, I wrote an article for one of the first editions of this magazine about a visit to The Saigon Art Museum. [ more... ]
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