In the heart of the darkness of Saigon's backpacker land,ambling along down raucous Bui Vien Street and wishing I had not come out without my ear plugs,I am looking for C. Brewery. "Ah,there it is",I utter to myself as I spot a bright sign with that name on it down a much more tranquil side alley. [ more... ]
Over the more than twenty years since I came to Vietnam, beer has developed along with the economy in general. Personally, I am nostalgic for the days of bia hoi, [ more... ]
A short while ago, I was asked if the Vietnamese fondness for eating snails were a consequence of the former French presence here. [ more... ]
All of us carry a lot from our pasts as we journey forwards in our lives. I was reminded of this the other day on a visit to a cafe themed around artefacts of Ho Chi MInh City from the last century... [ more... ]
Ban soya sauce has a rich taste and an eye-catching yellowish color. It is very suitable for northern traditional dishes such as rice flan, plain rice dumpling, boiled meat, pickled aubergine etc. [ more... ]
In Phan Thiet, bánh hỏi with pig bowels (lòng heo) is synonymous with Phu Long Town, which is the name of the native place of this dish, where it is the most authentic and fantastic... [ more... ]
Con River running along An Thai Village has a big yellow sand bar that clears the water well enough to use it to make vermicelli. [ more... ]
One can come to photograph, to hire a boat and enjoy the lotuses, have a cup of lotus scented tea or simply enjoy the aroma of lotus being spread around by the generous breezes of West Lake [ more... ]
To others, palmyra sugar is the specialty of this area, but to the Khmer people it is a gift from heaven and earth. [ more... ]
Located about 20 km from the center of Hanoi, Cu Da Village of Thanh Oai District of Hanoi is famous for a well preserved unique cultural space with [ more... ]
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