Following the tunes (“Spring comes to Muong Hum hamlet high up the mountains with heart-rocking distant singing…” ) of talented composer Nguyen Tai Tue, we come to Seo Po Ho hamlet to visit Red Yao artisans diligently blowing life into silver, creating wonders of sophisticated craftsmanship, worthily contributing to the cultural traditions of their tribe. [ more... ]
Ha Thai Village of Thuong Tin District of Hanoi started its traditional paint trade in the 17th century. In the 30s of last century, the paint village of Ha Thai learned polishing techniques and the use of materials such as egg shell and snail. It was during this time that elder Dinh Van Thanh of Thai Ha Village was invited to an exposition in France to demonstrate the art of lacquer painting. [ more... ]
Silkworm cocoon cultivation at Co Chat Village, Phuong Dinh Commune, Truc Ninh District of Nam Dinh Province has long been praised in folk songs for the fame of its silk threads. From Nam Dinh City, [ more... ]
Pottery village Huong Canh is part of Huong Canh township, Binh Xuyen district, Vinh Phuc province, about 50km to the North of Hanoi. [ more... ]
The special thing about Huong Canh is its blue clay, the raw material used to make its famous products. This clay is found in the swampy areas, 3-10m below the ground. [ more... ]
Pasteboard masks have been Hanoi kids’ toys, especially in the occasion of Mid-Autumn celebrations, for ages. But today, just a handful of people still remain loyal to the art of mask- [ more... ]
Xuan La Village, Phuong Duc Commune, Phu Xuyen District of the Hanoi suburbs is considered the cradle of the starch figurine trade. [ more... ]
In the deep past, Chuong village used to produce many kinds of hats, [ more... ]
Crystal sugar is one of the most famous specialties of Quang Ngai, a province in the middle section of Vietnam. The people of Quang Ngai have a long history of using crystal sugar, [ more... ]
A native Hue girl who is famous for her paper flower-making skill opened a facility earlier this June for the purpose of interesting other disadvantaged girls around her in the craft. [ more... ]
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