The Yao minority has about 800,000 people mostly living in the Ha Giang, Tuyen Quang and Lang Son provinces of the Northern highlands. The Yao ethnicity consists of many groups such as Red Yao, Yao Tien, Yao Cooc Mun, Tight Pants Yao, Yao O Giang, Yao Cooc Ngang, White Yao, Yao Thanh Y, Yao Ao Zai etc. Yao culture is old and very rich, especially that of the White Yao. [ more... ]
The former imperial capital city of Hue will hold a festival to honour Vietnamese craftsmanship during the holidays of Vietnam’s Reunification Day and May Day. [ more... ]
Hue was the birthplace of ao dai, the Vietnamese national costume. A long time ago, when Western culture had not yet interfered with local dressing tradition, [ more... ]
Fishermen Show is an exotic and rare show performed by local artists, musicians and dancers in what is billed as the currently the biggest basket boat- shaped theater of Vietnam, [ more... ]
For over 300 years, Ben Hen (Musle Landing) Village, Truong Son Commune, Duc Tho District of Ha Tinh Province quietly made a living by catching mussels in the idyllic river La. [ more... ]
The Village Sweeping Rite of the Xa Pho people is a folkish religious activity that takes place in the 2nd lunar month to drive away bad luck, [ more... ]
When the pale peach flowers blossom on the slope beneath Bay waterfall, as the cocks start cooing to announce a new day while the stilted houses are still only blurred dark silhouettes, [ more... ]
The Centuries-old Ky Yen Festival, a national intangible cultural heritage, is one of the most important folk religious ceremonies at Southern village temples. [ more... ]
On the 13th of the first lunar month each year, villagers of La Phu village, Hoai Duc district of Hanoi have a procession to honor the “Pig Lord.” [ more... ]
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