Culture has served as the most sensitive part to Hue natives and they are always ready to fight for the cultural values that have existed in a long period of time in this former imperial capital city. [ more... ]
Villagers in the 550-year-old Phuoc Tich Village on the outskirts of former imperial Hue City have dreamed of bumper tourism in the village for 10 years, but their dreams have yet to come to fruition. [ more... ]
Hue has been one of the most popular destinations in Vietnam. It represents the country’s Central region, similar to Hanoi for the North and HCM City for the South. [ more... ]
A rich history of national mythology, a favourable location and convenience for shopping, [ more... ]
2015 is the year Vietnam celebrates many great national events. Together with the whole nation’s celebrations, Ho Chi Minh Museum plans to initiate some activities to serve the domestic people and international friends. [ more... ]
Tay Phuong Pagoda sits on the earthen hill Cau Lau, in Thach Xa Commune, Thach That District, Hanoi. At the time of its establishment, it was named Sung Phuc. [ more... ]
Most of the Goniurosaurus geckos of Vietnam live in deep caves in the limestone mountains of Vietnam. [ more... ]
About four years ago, Tuan, a young member of the Vietnam Forest Creatures group, who lived near the National park Lo Go – Sa Mac, Tay Ninh Province, called me and said that he saw a very beautiful snake. [ more... ]
Over a hundred years ago, Southern Vietnamese amateur music stunned French audiences in Paris and Marseille. [ more... ]
Door deities, or Mon Than, in Vietnamese, are conceived of in the Chinese belief system as guardian spirits and pervaders of peace and good fortune for the household. [ more... ]
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