We have the pleasure of presenting to you the new book “The Strain of Kim Hoang Folk Paintings.” This is one of the famous folk ... [ more... ]
I came to the Art Space in the evening. The spacious café at the Anantara Hoi An Resort had several guests having dinner at the tall central table. [ more... ]
If you love your country and its traditions, it follows you will deeply care for the environment. The environment is what creates and forges our culture. [ more... ]
Pigs symbolize indulgence, lust and satiety in leisure. The image of a pig can be used as a symbol of financial wellness. [ more... ]
As Vatican City has its ceiling mural in the Sistine Chapel, Hue City has Cuu Long An Van, a mural on the ceiling of Dieu De Pagoda’s hall. [ more... ]
Dragons and phoenixes are among the four sacred animals in Vietnamese culture, the other two being kylins and turtles. In the group of four, dragons are always at the top position. [ more... ]
All businesses great or small find it beneficial to engage with the community and culture in which they operate. [ more... ]
While visiting Cham villages of Ninh Thuan Province, one can not only enjoy and learn about their unique cultural values, [ more... ]
Sometimes I feel I have the best job in the world. Most people have to pay good money to travel to interesting places. For me, [ more... ]
Do Dang Phi Long was born in 1988 as a normal child. But at the age of 1, he contracted pneumonia, [ more... ]
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