Bui Chu Cathedral of the Bui Chu Diocese is located at Xuan Ngoc Commune, Xuan Truong, Nam Dinh Province in Red River Delta. It stands on a bank of the Ninh Co River, very convenient for transportation and economic development. Bui Chu is surrounded by purely Catholic villages such as Luc Thuy, Lien Thuong, Lien Thuy, Trung Le, Ha Linh, Phu An, Trung Linh etc. [ more... ]
According to official numbers, there remain 12 tile-roofed bridges in the whole country. Nam Dinh has Co Le, Luong Kermis, Upper Kermis, and the Roofed Bridges. Hanoi has Nhat Tien Kieu, Nguyet Tien Kieu (at Thay Pagoda), Binh Vong and Khum Bridges. Ninh Binh has one at Phat Ziem. Hue has Thanh Toan Bridge. Quang Nam has the Pagoda Bridge at Hoi An. [ more... ]
By the mid-17th century, Hien Township was bustling with the trade of silk, tussore, chiffon, velvet, gold, silver, bronze etc. Traders came here from Asian and European countries such as England, France... [ more... ]
Located 28km south of Ninh Binh city, the church occupies a 117m wide, 243m long area at the center of Phat township. [ more... ]
Standing on the banks of the Saigon River, the village of Phu Long Temple belongs to Lai Thieu Commune of Thuan An Township, Binh Duong Province. [ more... ]
Because of these functions, the rong house has a very important role in the cultural and spiritual life of many ethnic minority peoples in Tay Nguyen. [ more... ]
Architecture and culture experts say that the ancient house of Tran Cong Vang, with its Hue style interlocked beams, architecture, [ more... ]
Located 2km to the east of the center of Hai Phong City, Hang Kenh village temple is considered an architectural structure that bears all the traits and styles of a Vietnamese ancient temple. [ more... ]
‘In 1865, Father Peter Tran Luc, an extraordinarily erudite scholar who was versed in both Chinese and Latin, was appointed the bishop of Phat Diem. [ more... ]
Seen from afar, the 200m long, 50m wide Plate Piles Cascades in An Ninh Dong Commune, Tuy An District, Phu Yen Province looks like a gigantic bee hive. This rock formation, [ more... ]
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