Rules of Vietnam Heritage Photo Awards 2019


Vietnam Heritage Photo Awards 2019


The Vietnam Heritage Photo Awards 2019 is organized by Vietnam Heritage Magazine. The competition seeks out photos about the natural and cultural heritage of Vietnam. The Vietnam Heritage Photo Awards 2019 welcomes submissions of photos concerning the land, nature, people and cultural heritage of Vietnam for publication on the Vietnam Heritage magazine, website www.vietnamheritage.com.vn and its on-line publications.

The contest is held annually, with exhibitions in public places, museums and universities, on occasion of the Vietnam National Heritage Day 23/11.

PARTICIPANTS: Vietnam Heritage Photo Awards 2019 is open to both Vietnamese and foreigners.


  1. Nature (Landscapes, marine resources, forest resources, geological resources, plants, wildlife) with focus on animals.
  2. Environment
  3. 3.     Tangible heritage (Architecture, sculpture, art, crafts, cultural-historical relics, antiques, national treasures…) – Focus on Architecture
  4. Intangible heritage (Music, dance, festival, folk games, religion…)
  5. Travel with Vietjet ( Photos about travel stories having images of Vietjet, smiles of Vietjet)



  1. Photographs must be in digital format. No print or film submissions will be accepted for entry into the contest. All digital files must be 5 megabytes or smaller, must be in JPEG, 300 DPI.
    1. Relevance to the theme
    2. Composition of the photograph
  1. Entries could be single photos or series. Entries should focus on the contest topics as stipulated above.
  2. Number of entries
    1. SINGLE-PHOTO ENTRY: Maximum of 4 photos for each topic
    2. SERIES-PHOTO ENTRY: Maximum of 4 series with a maximum of 6 photos for each series.
  3. Photos submitted should be accompanied with explanation: time, place, character, the name of the work, author’s name). Stories behind the photo will be welcomed.
  4. Time of photos: in recent 5 years for single photos; there is no time limits for photo series.
  5. No encouragement of photos edited or changed by Photoshop or any other softwarethat changes the essence of the content.
  6. Participants are responsible for the photos submitted with regards to copyright law, and must be in compliance with Vietnamese ethics. The organizer reserves the right to refuse work submitted late or work that does not follow the rules as stated above.
  7. All photographs will be judged based on the following key criteria:
  1. Members of the organizing board and the Panel of Judges and their family members are not eligible to participate in the contest.
  2. The decision of the Panel of Judges has the highest power and is the final.
  3. The Organizer will not investigate any complaints about the prizes.
  4. Photo entries please submit to www.cuocthianhdisan.vietnamheritage.com.vn


PRIZES: There will be 14 Prizes including 3 Prizes for Junior Contestants ( age under 25)


02 Special Prizes: Canon EOS 800D ( EF –S18-55IS) and Canon  Printer G1010 for each prize plus 1 return Vietjet Air ticket for domestic flighs.

08 Outstanding Photos : 1 return Vietjet Air ticket for domestic flights for each prize


01 Sky Prize 1 year fly with Vietjet – for photo of theme Travel with Vietjet


03 Junior Vietnam Heritage Photo Awards: 1 return Vietjet domestic air ticket and a combo of vouchers of Himalaya Health Spa


ORGANIZER: Vietnam Heritage Magazine

  1. Ms Le ThanhHai – Editor-in-Chief of Vietnam Heritage– Chief of The Organizing Board – 090 303 0808
  2. Ms Bui Thi Hang – Director of Vietnam Cultural Heritage Association’s Southern branch, PR Director of Vietnam Heritage– Deputy Chief of The Organizing Board – 091 392 7397
  3. Ms Nguyen Thuy Phuong: Assistant of The Organizing Board (028) 38118846;


       Hot line: Mai Vinh: 0918878915. Thúy Phượng  096 9473579 ; Thanh Hải 090303 0808   



1. Photographer Hoang TrungThuy, Chairman of the Board of Judges

2. Photographer Doan ThiTho, EVAPA, EFIAP

3. Film Director Nguyen Quoc Hung, Film Master, Deputy Director of TV studios TFS – HCMC Television



  1. Announcement of the contest : 11 September 2019
  2. Deadline for entries:24p.m.,15th October, 2019
  3. The result of exhibition photos will be announced on early November, 2019



From September to November 2019 the organizer’s fanpage Vietnam Heritage in collaboration with sponsors’ fanpages will organize a Mini Quiz  with over 20 photos plus questions about Vietnam’s nature and culture (on the Facebook pages of Vietnam Heritage, Canon ).



Ehibitions are scheduled to be held from November 2019 through March 2020, in cities such as: Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Nai , Hanoi at public places



November 23rd, 2019 ( in Hanoi)



The organizer reserves the right to use photos submitted to the Contest for the promotional and marketing purposes of the program by media means, website, iOS application, and on the Facebook pages of Vietnam Heritage magazine and its partners.


Main sponsors Canon and Official Airlines Sponsor Vietjet reserves the right to use photos chosen for Vietnam Heritage Photo Awards exhibitions to promote their support to the Awards and promotion of Vietnam as a unique tourist destination.


Submission of photos to the contest also means that contestants understand and agree with the rules of the Vietnam Heritage Photo Awards